What can I do if i am registered?

After the registration you can use the forum to talk to other users and you can place your bets for your favorite  city/cities. With the new user management system only one login is required for the whole wetterturnier website. Please note that you have to accept our terms and conditions during the registration. Don’t panic: they are relatively simple and are mainly used to protect the data which are provided by our partners (like e.g., observations, forecast products, …).

Account activation

To avoid chaos and spam new registered users have to be approved by one of our administrators. This can take few days in the worst case, so please plan ahead and register early enough. If there are any questions or it takes extraordinarily long please do not hesitate to contact one of our administrators. The contact details can be found on our team page.

Apply for groups

After successful activation you can also apply for the wetterturnier groups. Such groups can contain e.g., teams of employees of forecast companies or national weather services, or groups of students from an institute. You can find more information (and the application form) on the group-info page.

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