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In The Mean Time

Hy gals and chaps! Just a small update what happened in the meantime: Added new function to the backend to (hopefully) properly compute the observed Wv/Wn for the next weekend. Added some features to the observation table to be more useful (column subset and stuff). Some fixes on the frontend: element-styling in the forum, image … Continue reading In The Mean Time

Example of the “live scoring”

This weekend I’ve stored a snapshot of the points of all players every 15 minutes. The plot below shows the development of 4 different users in Berlin last Sunday and the corresponding points at a given time for three specific parameters. minimum temperature [top] relative sunshine duration [middle] maximum temperature [bottom]


I’ve just added two new small features. As soon as you are logged in you’ll see your username top right of the page in the black bar. When clicking on it you’ll be forwarded to the user-settings-page. This page now provides two wetterturnier-related options.   Bet-form orientation This option allows you to set your personal … Continue reading User-Settings

Lottie and Lisa

There are some freaky names in the system (both, the new and the old) related to the usernames. Some users have different names in the archive. A good example is ‘Züberle‘ which was called ‘Zueberle‘ and ‘Z?erle’ in the old system and resulted in ‘Zueberle’ and ‘Zerle’ in the new system. This is the reason … Continue reading Lottie and Lisa