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Zurich Live Data

The new Wetterturnier System was designed to automatically process all observations based on the new BUFR message standard. This worked like a charm before different institutes decided to restrict their data set. Among them is the DWD, but also MeteoSwiss. Thus, our hard-working and engaged Zurich tournament leaders always had to manually compute and enter … Continue reading Zurich Live Data

Autosubmit Changes

For all those using “auto-submit” (script based submission of the forecasts/bets) please be aware that there have been some changes due to the changeover from http to https. If you are using the old-school wget commands, please adjust your calls (“wget —no–check–certificate “…” …). If you use the small autosubmit-python package change the url in … Continue reading Autosubmit Changes

New Webcam Innsbruck

The Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences (ACINN) installed a new webcam on the roof of the building. It is a webcam, however, due to the atypical inclination the webcam will not be incorporated on website. However, you can always access the images using the following link: Have fun!

In The Mean Time

Hy gals and chaps! Just a small update what happened in the meantime: Added new function to the backend to (hopefully) properly compute the observed Wv/Wn for the next weekend. Added some features to the observation table to be more useful (column subset and stuff). Some fixes on the frontend: element-styling in the forum, image … Continue reading In The Mean Time