Username: Nimue
Registered since: 19.06.2015
Biography: Nimue (pronounced Nimmway) is the moon goddess and is also regarded as the queen of water.
capabilities: subscriber, bbp_participant
Type: Human player
Current group memberships: DahlemOBSer, FU-Studenten
Past group memberships: MeteoGroup
Berlin: 6 5 4
214 participations between 2015-06-05 and 2021-11-19
Average points:177.6
Median points:179.9
Max points:194.6
Min points:130.1
Standard deviation:10.8
Wien: 0 0 0
1 participations between 2017-04-07 and 2017-04-07
Average points:189.1
Median points:189.1
Max points:189.1
Min points:189.1
Standard deviation:0.0
Zuerich: Never participated
Innsbruck: Never participated
Leipzig: Never participated